Kuala Lumpur ; In honor of the government's proposal to implement the Movement Control Order (CPP) in an attempt to break the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), new singer Fadh Majid released his debut single, BUKAN TAKDIRKU via social media platforms, Instagram (IG) and Bigo.

The segment, called ‘Borak Santai Bersama Fadh Majid’, was held on March 27 (Friday), running concurrently on IG and Bigo Live for 1 hour from 8.30 to 9.30pm. Meanwhile, at 9pm the song lyrics of the song were released through the Todak Music YouTube channel.

Fadh also had the opportunity to interact directly with vocal teacher Ms. Shafie who taught him the techniques of singing; famous singer, Shiha Zikir; including media partners from the various entertainment channel.

Answering the media question how he felt when launching the single BUKAN TAKDIRKU on a simple scale using a social media platform, not a massive assembly as we used to see, Fadh apparently accepted positively with this situation.

Fadh also explained that he and his recording company Todak Music took a positive approach as he continued to release the song amidst the worldwide community feeling threatened by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 and CPP outbreaks, there is some work we need to do. As with today's launch, the chosen date is actually planned.

"On the basis of sensitivity and concern, Todak Music and I have taken the initiative to make digital platforms like Instagram and Bigo a leading platform for the launch and promotion of the single 'BUKAN TAKDIRKU' as we maintain social distance in the face of the Covid19 epidemic."

“this is the best way right now to introduce and promote my single”.

"InshaAllah when things are getting better, there will definitely be a ceremony to be held," said the singer born Muhammad Fadhlullah Abdul Majid, 26.

In the wake of COVID-19 and the community's main focus in combating the outbreak, does he not worry that if his first single fails to gain the public's attention, Fadh also accepts what Allah Almighty has given with an open heart.

“As His servant I have been dedicated, it is up to Allah Almighty to determine the course of this song. Maybe it succeeds or not, hopefully luck is on my side because I believe this song can go a long way, ”he said.

Tells the story of the single BUKAN TAKDIRKU, it is a song produced by Fadh himself, where the composition of music gets a touch of famous composer, Sharon Paul.

This song tells the story of a broken love and how each of us must accept a parting that occurs with an open heart

“Usually when it comes to emotional songs, it is expressed with hatred, resentment, blaming couples, grudges and mixed emotions. Rarely do the lyrics of the song carry the context of the breakup as the destiny of Allah Almighty, that we must accept with an open heart.

“My dad always reminds us, don't get carried away with anger when we get frustrated with love and never get revenge. Accept the loss of our loved one because maybe Allah SWT promises something better in our next life, "

Having versatile and dominant vocal variations in R&B songs, Fadh also has the ability to deliver traditional rhythmic songs.

“InshaAllah if my presence is well received, I can show my singing ability to music fans. It would be great to be given the opportunity to record a traditional song someday, ”he concluded.

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