As the name implies, this is the uniqueness of this young man's vocals. Razak A'ai, the new charm of the music industry that has earned him the nickname Louis Armstrong and Malaysia's Cakra Khan.

The title was given by his followers who are familiar with the performances of the Kuching-born boy, whether on the streets, on social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

The masculine voice of the artist under the auspices of Todak Music can finally be heard through his first single with the recording company titled Aku Setia

The newly released Aku Setia video music is inspired by the heartbreaking tragedy that once shocked the world. Not to share any more about this, it will be revealed at the launch of the single Aku Setia launching scheduled for the end of March.

Speaking of the Aku Setia, it is a single that is at stake with Razak A'ai's creations. The song also features the voice of Alyssa Dezek, a talented young star who is synonymous with ukulele performances.

"The idea of ​​producing this song was originally conceived as a tribute to my mother. Before joining Todak Music, I had previously been with a recording company and emigrated to Kuala Lumpur to pursue my dream of singing at a very young age of 18.

Ever produced a single, but it didn't get much response. Even life as an artist is very challenging. The situation forced me to return to my hometown and was welcomed with joy by my mother

"My mother encouraged me to look for another job in Kuching Sarawak and stay with her. Shortly afterwards, I got an offer from Todak Music. My interest in music prompted me to return to Kuala Lumpur

"My decision to become a singer got a lot of support from my mother in the beginning. But I promise I will bring home success this time and hope my mother will wait for that moment,"

Interpreting the meaning of this song as applicable in a broad context, Razak A'ai shifts the meaning of love and loyalty to the level of universal relations. In other words, it can be applied to the meaning of love between lovers

Inspired by pop songs from neighboring countries, Aku Setia introduces a listening-friendly melody as most music genres are brought by Indonesian singers and bands.

An exciting achievement for a new artist, since the song Aku Setia was released on January 11, it has already hit close to 24,000 views on its YouTube channel. Even this number is expected to increase with the help of media exposure

According to the Malaysian Cakra Khan, he is ready to shake the music fans and hopes that this time around, he believes he can offer diversity to the industry.

"First of all I thank Todak Music for upholding my talent. Todak Music, for me, is a recording company that is currently engaged in bringing a new revolution to the music industry.

"Along with their mission and vision, my presence here is not only to create a name as a singer but also a songwritter and lyricist.

"Maybe someday, I will be given the opportunity to collaborate with local singers to produce their own song. In addition to collaborating with well-known local composers, exchanging ideas to produce a widely accepted work.

"I believe the combination of ideas can make a masterpiece more interesting," he said.

Commenting on his vocal similarities to Cakra Khan and Louis Armstrong, Razak A'ai was optimistic about the similarity as an advantage as well as a bonus for him. Her only hope is that she will never be shunned for believing that she has her own strengths and identities!

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