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For a very young girl, Shiha is on her way up to super stardom. Her obsession with music and strong passion for singing earned her the 1st runner-up position in ‘Mentor 5’ 2011. Gaining a lot of knowledge and guidance from one of the best Singer in Malaysia, Datuk Sharifah Aini, Shiha is prepared to take on the music industry.

In 2015, Shiha been selected to represent Malaysia in Indonesia singing competition “D’Akademi Asia” compete with others 4 country, Indonesia, Malaysia Brunei and Singapore. Shiha got third place and from there, Shiha already have a good fan’s base in Indonesia.

With a total package of voice, looks, youth and charisma, Shiha is bound to bring a new breath of air within the music industry.

Shiha can sing in many different language songs. Malaysian, English, Chinese, Tamil, Hindustan, Korean, Arabic, Japanese and Spain.

Has a strong personality and never give up when she wants something in her life. Shiha is very good in traditional Malay song, “Malaysian Asli songs” and “Indonesian dangdut songs”.

Already make name in Malaysia and Indonesia with 1Million Followers in instagram social media.

·n 2019, Shiha Zikir been offered to join newAstro Warna Program called “Musikal Lawak Superstar”. Shiha team up with famous Malaysian comedian Shariff Zero and Chiwan Chilok. Their team name called “Voices”.

And in 2020, Shiha Zikir been offered to be Dansa dan Sing’s contestant that organized by Astro. As bright as she is, she won third place among 10 other contestants together with Team Squad. Since Dansa dan Sing, Shiha has been improving the way she performs on stage.

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